The association (ASDI)

Thanks to our association founded more than 60 years ago, many Swiss dental manufacturers regularly gather around common values: precision, reliability, innovation and tradition. The quality of the discussions at our meetings helps strengthen the solidarity within our sector. Large companies and SMEs collaborate to defend and promote together the identity of the Swiss dental industry, in Switzerland and elsewhere.
– Association founded in 1956
– 30 member companies, representing more than 5.000 jobs in Switzerland.
– Founding member of the Federation of the European Dental Industry (FIDE)

Our shared passion for a quality industry and the issues related to oral health help us develop exceptional products. Our members manufacture them on a daily basis in the purest Swiss tradition in order to meet all the practitioners’ needs and requests cbd farms.
– Proximity to the users of Swiss products
– Numerous collaborations with academic institutions from all over the world
– Regular presence at dental events and trade shows to introduce the latest Swiss dental innovations.